Selecting the best siding option For Canadian Weather

Selecting the best siding option For Canadian Weather

Selecting the best siding option For Canadian WeatherThe weather in Canada damages many building materials. One needs to be cautious to select the right home siding option. Though, a wide variety of materials for siding are available. Each option should be considered after going through its strengths and weaknesses to notoriously go through harsh Canadian winters.

What is Siding?

In the past, mostly wood, stone, and bricks were used as protection and insulation against the weather as there was no specified material for home exteriors. And, the material was chosen based on location.

However, nowadays many products have proliferated in the modern market. One can choose from hybrid options made with new materials to protect themselves from the harsh weather. Homeowners can reap the benefits of these building materials to maintain an optimum temperature inside. They have the option to choose from the best possible building products for their homes, offices, and other places.

Certain materials are suitable for specific regions considering their climates and environments. However, most Canadian homeowners purchase siding products that can stand a harsh winter.

Here are some of the best siding options


Vinyl siding is the most popular choice siding material in Canadian houses. Its low cost and low maintenance make it the first preference of people. Eaves and Siding provides a free estimate for every vinyl siding project.

Once installed, one can completely forget about it for a few years. This is the reason Vinyl has come up as an attractive option for the home exterior for a few years. It costs just a fraction of the price than the other popular options. Moreover, vinyl is easy to install and available in different colors.

Wood Siding

Wood siding has come as a good option for its aesthetics and durability. Clapboard, shakes, shingles, or lap are some of the common styles of wooden siding. Although it’s labor-intensive to install, the tight seal they provide against the weather for the home makes it worth it.
Homeowners can choose from a variety of options and materials according to their budget and location. To avoid any issues in the winter months, keep them well-maintained.

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