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When To Get Your Existing Eavestrough Replaced?
A rain gutter or an eavestrough is a crucial home element that is designed to carry the flow of water away from a property. They are responsible for protecting a home structure against unwanted water damages that are caused due to rainwater that is pouring down towards your foundation from the rooftop.

To prevent any such damages or risks, gutter installation is an effective solution. Since gutters are located at a height, their maintenance and repairs generally go unnoticed until severe damage comes up. Eavestroughs tend to damage or wear out with the passage of time, especially if left ignored. Its important to replace them on time to prevent any moisture and structural damages.

Some signs that depict its time to replace the existing gutters are:

  • Cracks

Though the rain gutters are often strong and durable, they witness cracks that can become larger if left untreated. Even the smallest crack can bulge out with the impact of heavy rain. An ideal solution to the problem is to replace the particular segment of the gutter with a new one.

  • Moisture

If your roof, attic or basement is facing moisture issues even if you have installed an eavestrough, chances are that it may not be carrying away the water flow properly. Any signs of mold growth or moisture patches on the walls also point towards the need of eavestrough replacement.

  • Mildew

Eavestroughs are installed to direct and channel the rain water away from a property. If they fail to do so, the result will be a leaking roof and a flooded basement. In some situations, a homeowner may also face mildew growth over the wall surfaces that suffered moisture and water leaks. If you are encountering the same problem at your home, call gutter professionals for inspections.

  • Overflow

Clogged gutters are a common problem that needs to be dealt with an immediate response to prevent serious problems. If your existing gutters are overflowing, the reason behind the problem may be accumulation of dried leaves or debris. Consider installing a gutter guards or replace the gutter itself.

These are some of the warning signs that asks for gutter replacement. If you are planning to install, replace your rain gutters, feel free to contact our eavestrough experts at Ontario Siding & Gutters.