What is crawling in your gutter?

What is crawling in your gutter?

What is crawling in your gutter?There are so many things that can easily get trapped in your gutter. Twigs, rocks, leaves, dirt, and so much more. They all land the roof and gradually get carried to the gutters as the rainwater washes everything down with itself. Do you know that there are many other things that can be crawling or let us say hiding in the gutters?

Mice and Other Rodents

When the dirt accumulates in the drainage system and is left alone for too long, the debris like twigs accumulate there. Even more so, the rodents and mice start dwelling in such areas. Gutters with the leaves and dirt become warm and offer them a warm place to survive. If you fail to take proper care, snakes can come in too. Remember to keep the gutters clean in order to avoid hefty expenses on repair and maintenance at the later stage.


We all know how birds make up their nests- with twigs and leaves. Yes, they are not as destructive as compared to other animals or rodents. However, their droppings can leave stains on your house walls or gutter. Birds’ nests can even sabotage the drainage system. They will act as an obstruction to the water flow system. The organic materials come in the way and undermine the materials’ strength, resulting in the bursting of gutters in the seams.

No matter what time of the year it is- trouble makers can always be there taking up a residence in the gutters. Are you looking for the right service providers for your gutters repair and damage? Contact Eaves and Siding today. They have the best professionals up their sleeves to make sure that you get the top-class gutters installation, repair, and maintenance. Call the experts today to book your consultation and get a quote for your needs.

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