Misconceptions and Myths About Metal Roof

Misconceptions and Myths About Metal Roof

Misconceptions and Myths About Metal RoofAre you thinking about installing a new metal roof, you may have heard about myths and misconceptions of metal roofs. There are several misconceptions regarding metal roofs, but all are not true. These myths cans sometimes cause a person or homeowner who would have benefited from a metal roof to decide not to get one. Learn the truth about common myths and misconceptions that involve metal roofing.

  1. Metal Roof Are Too Noisy: This is one of the biggest myths about a metal roof is that they are extremely loud in the rain. This may have been true a hundred years ago, but it is not the same case today. With the layers of wood decking and the insulation in your house’s attic, you can sleep comfortably knowing that you will not hear anything during a thunderstorm.
  2. Metal Roof Is Too Heavy: It is true that some forms of metal, like copper, are heavy. Metal roofs are lightweight for roofing than slate and clay material. Aluminium and steel roofs don’t require any pre-installation structural assessment, whereas those other materials do. Working with lightweight roof materials makes installation easier too.
  3. Metal Roofing Is Outdated: Maybe you think metal roofs are outdated because you have seen an old farm with the rusty and old-looking roofs. But at present time there are tons of color and style options available in the market for all kinds of different design tastes. If you want a modern roof for your house, standing seam is a great option.
  4. Metal Roofs Are Hotter In The Summer: Modern metal roofs are extremely energy efficient and help to keep your home cooler in summer. This material is highly reflective. The light hits them and it reflects right back off towards the sky.

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