How to Clean Your Gutters? - 5 Steps to FollowWhen it is about cleaning gutters, we always recommend hiring professionals to avoid any mishap and get the best service from a set of trained and experienced professionals. It can even turn out dangerous if you are not habitual at working up on ladders.

We understand that cleaning their own houses is what owners prefer to do themselves, most of them do. Therefore, if you have the desired tools and equipment for the cleaning service, perhaps, DIY home gutter cleaning tips might be for you.

5 Steps to Follow While Cleaning the Gutters

  • Safety is important! So, remember to have all the accessories you need- gloves, glasses, and the proper clothing. It is always best to use a ladder stabilizer while placing your ladder or position it on safe and stable ground. It is all to avoid any damage to the house or any harm to yourself.
  • To protect the debris falling on the landscape, you can place a tarp under the working area. Remember to attach 2 buckets to the ladder- one for your tools and the other for dumping the debris.
  • Use the gloves and the cleaning kit with a rake and a scoop to remove the first layer of debris from the gutters.
  • Post this, use a pressure washer to remove the residue, grease, and mould from the gutters.
  • After this, you can flush out all the debris from the gutters and downspouts to clear any debris from there. Also, this will help in further identifying leaks, if any. You need to make sure to check that there are no sagging or leaking parts.

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